God my Provider

Ken Owusu (a member of Tokyo Union Church)

People who know me know that I often talk of the love of God, of how God has been so kind to me and my family. In past testimonies, I talked about how God raised me from one of the poorest families in Africa, to become who I am today. I stressed how my wife and I went through several years of agony, sadness and pain, struggling for a child. I talked about how God showed His love and power by giving us four children in five years, and how these children have grown to be such wonderful concrete living witnesses of the miracle, power and love of God.

What I have not been talking about much is how God has continued to take care of me and my relatively large family. People living in Japan know how difficult it is for a student to gain admission into a university here. And parents know the financial burden they carry in looking after a child in university.

In spite of all that God had done for me, I often worried how I would be able to take care of my four children, given my limited income. But the God I serve takes care of the needs of His children. The joy of having my son, Mike, and daughter, Ama admitted to an American university in Tokyo was negated by concern over paying their fees, and taking care of the other two children.

But praise the Lord, both have finished the third year, and only have two semesters to graduate. It has not been by my might, but by the power and spirit of God. I very rarely talk about my problems, choosing instead to tell God directly. And He always has a way of helping me out, often directing His people to offer me the help I need.

The main focus of the testimony for today is not how God pays my bills, or how He takes care of my financial needs. I rather would want to talk about what God did barely a week ago in regards to my third child.

My family had been through a series of setbacks, with the deaths of 3 very close relatives and family members in one month. At this time, my third daughter, Afia, had applied for admission to the medical college in the University of Ghana, one of the best in Africa. This was a big challenge because within an hour of the birth of Afia 19 years ago, the spirit of God made me tell my wife and everybody that she was going to be a great medical doctor. I did not know how this was going to happen, especially since the ways of God, as well as his thoughts are different from ours. But I knew God ALWAYS fulfills his promise.

In primary school, Afia was top of her class, and she had scored eleven As and one B in the final junior high school exam, the second best in the whole country. And even though she followed this with an equally impressive performance in the final high school exam, the whole family kept our fingers crossed, waiting to hear whether she would be admitted to the medical college of her choice.

You see, in my country, generally, less than 10% of students who qualify for university actually get admission; and less than 1% do make it to the medical school. With a situation like this, a good pass does not guarantee one an automatic admission. So like in many developing countries, you must often pull strings, or to put it bluntly, pay bribes to get admission for your child. But thanks to the God we serve, Afia was admitted to one of the best medical colleges in Africa, to her first choice.

The best part of it is that my family (including Afia) were here in Japan, and could not go home to see anybody, or pull any strings in order to get her admitted, even if we had wanted to. Jesus did all the contacts for us! Praise and glory be to His name! Needless to say, therefore, we are all very happy and excited by the news. And there is an extra bonus -- another offer at at her second choice medical college.

Afia left Tokyotwo months ago for home and started medical college in September. I know this is another step towards the realization of my dream, and the master plan God has for me and my family. Afia is has not entered medical college because I predicted it; she is there because Jesus loves her, loves me and the entire family, and had planned for her to be a doctor even before her birth.

In the meantime, Mike and Ama are getting ready to start their final year in Temple University Japan this Fall. My fourth daughter graduates from high school this December. And I believe she is also going to get admission into one of the best universities.

So there you are. You keep hearing what God has been doing in my life, what Jesus has meant to me and my family. I have been sharing with you some of the many miracles in my life. God indeed knows what to do for His children! He is our Provider. Praise be to His name ! Let me end by repeating what I wrote in my last testimony, that to me, the greatest miracle, and the most important happening in my life is that my wife and I have both accepted Jesus as our Savior. Both of us are from dysfunctional homes, and both of us had alcoholic fathers. For me to see myself now as a child of God, that is a miracle! And this miracle is yours for the taking.

I believe we serve a living God, the God who loves us so much that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to come to die for our us, to atone for our sins, and to reconcile us to God. Jesus is the King of the world, the Prince of peace who will bring peace and joy into your life, stability into your family. And if you think the many things He has done in my life, and the very latest miracle for Afia are amazing, I tell you, He could do more than that for you, if you allowed him.

Maybe yours is not a struggle for a child; maybe yours is not a struggle to pay huge fees, or take care of a large family; maybe yours is not a struggle to get admission for your child; maybe yours is not a struggle to get a life partner, or a good job. But whatever your situation is, and whatever your problem is, JESUS IS THE ANSWER !

The offer of salvation which God made 2000 years ago, through Jesus Christ is available for ALL, including YOU. Take it. His word assures us that He does not reject anyone who comes to Him. No matter how terrible your sins, no matter how wretched your past or present life, no matter how serious your problems, Jesus loves you, and is waiting for you. He came that you and I will have life, and have it abundantly, says the Bible.

Come to Jesus, NOW, and let Him save you, like He did for me and my family ! Allow Jesus to take care of your needs, like He has been doing for me. God bless and guide you to make the most important choice in your life: to accept or reject Jesus.

The choice is yours !